Hero saves baby from drowning in icy water, no big deal

Picture this: You're taking your baby for a stroll by a body of water when a strong wind gust comes and knocks him or her into the water. Sounds scary, right? A mom in Somerset, England experienced exactly that after her 6-month-old baby boy was blown into the icy waters of Watchet Harbour while strapped in his stroller as she took him for a walk.

Sky News reports that Dock Master George Reeder had been on hand when he heard the mother's cries for help and without a second thought jumped into the frigid water to save the baby. Despite being submerged under water for about 5 minutes, the infant miraculously survived.


This has got to be a mother's worst nightmare! You do so much to keep your kids safe, that sometimes you forget that mother nature can cause them harm too!  The last thing you can think of is that wind would be the reason for your child being in danger.

Reports also indicate that 63-year-old Reeder had jumped on his bike and hurried over when he heard the commotion thinking a dog had fallen into the frigid water. Much to his dismay, he soon found out it was an infant in a stroller sinking in the icy cold waters. Reeder jumped in and managed to pull the stroller onto dry land with the help of other good Samaritans.

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A coastguard member gave the baby CPR, which he responded to, before being taken to the hospital. At the hospital the infant was placed under intensive care, but since then has been released and in good health. The fact that he survived shocked Reeder who has worked at the marina for over a decade. He told Sky News:

"The baby was still in the pushchair, it was very cold, it is amazing really because he must have been in there for a good five minutes, under the water."

Thankfully the baby is okay, but I can't imagine how I would react had I been that mother. Not only was the water freezing, but a 6-month-old baby doesn't know how to swim--and he was strapped in! I'm sure his mom is going to be much more cautious when taking him out for walks (and will probably keep him away from bodies of water from now on!). Thank God a hero was standing nearby to help.

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