Latina mom brutally beats up daughter's 12-year-old rival (VIDEO)

Our maternal instincts usually kick into high gear when something is going on with our kids, but would you actually beat up someone who your son or daughter is having problems with? San Pedro, California Latina mom Amber Lee Gutierrez is being accused of just that, after it's alleged that she showed up with her 12-year-old daughter to a pre-determined spot where the two young girls were supposed to fight, and actually BEAT UP her daughter's 12-year-old rival.

Can you believe that!?


The mom is facing felony assault with attempt to cause great bodily harm charges for the fight, which happened in mid-January. Supposedly, the mom showed up with her daughter to an alley where the two girls had arranged to meet to fight or settle a score of some sort, and instead of trying to break things up, Gutierrez got so involved, throwing several punches and violently assaulting her daughter's rival. The whole thing was captured on video by on onlooker (see below) and the fight left Gutierrez's daughter's rival with a possible broken arm, according to reports.

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Wow ... The video, I have to admit, is pretty shocking, so don't watch if you're sensitive. Aside from the punching, you can also hear tons of racial slurs being hurled at the victim. I just don't understand how a grown woman could do this to a child. A CHILD! I don't care that both girls are big for their age, they're kids and as parents we have to alleviate the situation, not make it worse by getting involved!

Now the mom is facing up to seven years in jail and a $100,000 bail, for getting involved in her daughters middle school brawl. Like I always tell people, I know that if my son was ever bullied, this is probably the scenario that would play out in my head of what I would do to his tormentor--but I would NEVER act on it. As adults we have to know that violence is not ever the right lesson to give our kids--and besides, you should never EVER discipline a child that's not yours! As the victim's unidentified mom tells KTLA TV: "I just don't know as a mother what makes you put your hands on a kid that's not yours." So true.

I honestly hope the girl who was attacked in this video is doing better, and hope for Gutierrez's daughter's sake that she at least has another role model she can look to in her life.

Image via KTLA

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