Elementary school girl humiliated & searched by school over paper gun

In yet another case of a school completely overreacting to a totally insignificant incident, a Philadelphia fifth-grader was rebuked and searched after bringing a paper folded in the shape of a gun to school.  

Melody Valentin came under intense scrutiny last week after she discovered the paper gun that her grandfather had previously made buried in one of her pockets. When she went to throw it away, one of her classmate's spotted her and told a school administrator.

That's when things started getting all blown out of proportion.


According to Fox 29, the school official began scolding her in front of her entire class and even allegedly told her that she could get arrested. To make matters worse, the young girl was then also searched by school staff, all while her peers continued to look on. Some students even began calling Valentin a murderer!

Valentin's mother was understandably furious at the school's reaction and has since pulled her daughter out of class to avoid the harassment.

Ugh, that poor girl. All that drama over a stupid piece of paper? I get it--schools are trying to be extra cautious and vigilant when it comes to signs of violence. But come on, this is just ridiculous. It's not even like Valentin was playing or waving around the paper gun. She was about to throw it away!

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But what really makes me mad is that the school officials essentially treated her like a criminal in front of all of her classmates. Their complete overreaction would have been bad enough, but the fact that they gave her peers a reason to tease her is just unforgivable. At that age, having peers mock you for anything can be damaging ... so having them call you a murderer is probably really not good for the psyche.

Still, if I had been in her mom's shoes, I would have taken it up with the school board and not pulled her out of class. Since she didn't technically do anything wrong, she shouldn't feel the need to hide.                             

Image via Fox 29

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