Mom straps 3-week-old baby to high-chair to go out drinking

I'll never understand how some parents can be self-centered enough to leave their poor, young children to fend for themselves. One such example? Crystal Ricci, a 32-year-old Florida woman, left her three-week-old baby alone in a high chair while she went out drinking with her friends! What kind of terrible, soul-less mother does something like that?!


According to the police report, Ricci left the newborn sitting alone in a high chair with a dirty diaper for more than FOUR hours while she went out and partied. Her roommate eventually woke up to the baby's cries and found the child unattended. Her car was also missing. After several failed attempts to reach Ricci on her cell phone, the roommate alerted the authorities.

Ricci was eventually found passed out in her roommate's car. She told police that she was drunk and could not drive home ... a decision I would normally applaud if it hadn't come after she deserted her poor child! Seriously, how can you leave a baby that's not even a month old completely unattended?  It breaks my heart to think of that newborn infant sitting all alone for hours at a time--and in a dirty diaper no less!

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Thankfully, Ricci was caught. She was arrested Saturday morning and released on $3,000 bail yesterday, but is facing charges of neglect and cruelty towards a child. The woman reportedly told police that she has a drug problem and asked for help.

For the sake of her baby, I hope that Ricci genuinely wants to make an effort and go get the help she needs. But until she does, that baby needs to be in the hands of someone who is actually capable of taking care of it!

Image via Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

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