Police officer kills wife, 5-year-old son & sets house on fire before shooting himself

We expect police officers to protect us, but what happens when they are the reason for danger? A 52-year-old Las Vegas, Nevada police lieutenant killed his 42-year-old wife and their 5-year-old son in their home before turning the gun on himself.

The lieutenant, Hans Walters, who worked for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department had called police to tell them he had killed his wife and child and was planning on setting the home on fire. He warned them that he wasn't afraid to kill another person who tried to stop him. The incident shocked those who knew the lieutenant because he seemed put together and was part of the force for more than 20 years.


It's possible that the Lt.Walters may have witnessed something awful that caused him to respond as violently as he did. But it's really saddening that in this day and age when gun violence has become so prevalent that innocent people had to be taken this way too.

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According to Vegas police, when the SWAT team had arrived at the suspect's blazing house and they saw him standing outside with what appeared to be a handgun. After ignoring orders to drop it, he went back into the house, which is when police believe he killed himself.

Shockingly, he was a well respected officer, whose wife was also a police officer at one point and had won community service awards and a lifesaving award before leaving the force in 2005. Sadly, the officer in question of this crime falls under the statistic of police suicides as it's been reported that last year over 126 police officers killed themselves.  

It's really shocking that someone in the police force for so long would turn a gun on his own family. He must have had experienced something terrible to commit a heinous crime such as this one with no second thoughts. I'm sure this will soon play a factor in the fight against arms and will show the government that officers also need help coping with the stressors of their job. 

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