Manti Te'o's new girlfriend is Latina & doesn't seem to be a hoax

After being the shame of Notre Dame University, college football player, Manti Te'o reportedly has a new girlfriend--and she is REAL this time! If you recall the Fighting Irish star made headlines after he became at the center of many inspiring reports claiming that his grandmother and girlfriend both died within days of each other, and how he amazingly played through the grief. Well, it was discovered a short time later that his alleged girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, who supposedly died of leukemia, never even existed!

Te'o claims that he was victim of hoax, but now photos have emerged showing that he has been getting super cozy with Alexandra Del Pilar--a student at St. Mary's college. Sheesh! He just wasted no time "moving on," huh?


After being accused of lying and making up a fake girlfriend with a deadly disease, the LAST thing I'd expect Te'o to do is to make headlines with a real life love interest! The weird part is that evidence shows that Te'o had been courting Del Pilar since September, which was during the time his alleged girlfriend had died!

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Del Pilar had been tweeting messages regarding her relationship with the linebacker since Septemeber, but the shocker in all this is that Te'o claims that he didn't even know Kakua didn't exist until December 6, 2012. The whole thing is just bizarre, with reports going back and forth about his knowledge or lack thereof of that huge hoax. He is insistent that he had nothing to do with the hoax and says that when the facts come out, people will know he wasn't at fault for it.

Whatever the truth is, this case is super sketchy. I mean, how do you even get away with carrying a lie for that long? If this new Latina girlfriend knew something about the leukemia stricken "old" girlfriend situation, I'd question her too since this is such a crazy case. Was this all done to get sympathy and all the reports about what an inspiration he was... because it worked, for a while. I guess we'll have to keep an eye on Te'o and his new love as further details emerge about this hoax!

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