Woman beats her boyfriend unconscious, while carrying their newborn baby!

What do you do if your baby daddy makes you really, REALLY mad? For one woman in Seattle, Washington, the answer lies in assaulting her boyfriend to the point of him actually passing out--all while still having their newborn baby strapped to her chest!

That's right. A woman not ONLY beat up her boyfriend so badly that he actually passed out (what?!) but she did it all while carrying their baby. I mean, seriously, WHAT is she thinking?! This is just crazy! I don't even know how you could do such a thing without actually injuring your own child in the process.


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According to the story in The Daily Mail, 25-year-old Sharee Seminole and her boyfriend, the child's father, got into an argument, which led to the 270-pound woman pushing her boyfriend to the ground after a verbal argument and then "she began kicking him repeatedly". Prosecutors also told the court that she "stomped on her boyfriend's face at least eight times before he became unconscious."

What made the situation even worse is that Sharee fled the scene before police arrived and, when they finally found her at a nearby convenience store, she allegedly bit a firefighter and threatened to kill a police officer as she was being arrested. Meanwhile, the officers were simply trying to get the baby off of her, since the child was still tethered to her chest.

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I honestly can't even imagine how this woman pulled off this crime. I mean, all while carrying her baby? And, most importantly, WHY? How bad could this fight with her boyfriend possibly have been that she couldn't even wait until her baby was in a safer place, out of harm's way? I can only hope that she learns to NEVER do this again! It's really unacceptable to beat up your boyfriend that badly, ESPECIALLY when you have your child's precious life in your hands.

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