You'll never believe the adorable do's and don'ts listed in kid's lost "rule book" (VIDEO)

As kids grow up, they are taught a lot of rules and life lessons--so many, in fact, that one child apparently needed help keeping track of them and decided to do so by compiling a "rule book." The adorable notebook was recently found in a Walmart parking lot by employee Raymond Flores and now, Flores is on the hunt for its rightful owner.


According to Flores, the notebook has a list of more than a hundred rules that are all obviously written by a child.  "Ware [sic] you seat belt," the author wrote. "Resicle [sic]," and "Put your shoes by the front door when you take them off." Other rules included "Don't color on people," "No elbows on the table," and "Don't call each other names." Aww! Cute, right?

Unfortunately, the child must not have paid very much attention to the rule "Protect this rule book" because ever since finding it, Flores has been searching for the owner to no avail. "They put a lot of hard work into it," Flores told Fox of why he's determined to return the book to its author. "These rules mean a lot to them and probably to the parents, as well."

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Of course, the book has people all over the world chiming in with their opinions. Some question why a kid needs so many rules, while others wonder if this book could've actually been written by an adult with special needs. Flores, for his part, remains adamant that it's a child's work, but admits that he is taking some of the insightful advice for himself . "I thought this was adorable," he said. "I just thought it was really nice and stuff. What kind of kid does this?"

Personally, I agree and think that the idea is a cute one! The truth is, whether we like to admit or not, there are a lot of rules in life for both adults and children. And if someone out there, particularly a young kid who is just starting to learn these lessons, needs a little help remembering them all, why not write it down? It can't hurt anyone! In fact, maybe it would even help those children that aren't exactly disciplined.

Either way, I hope that with Flores' help, the book somehow finds its way back to the owner!

Image via Fox 40

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