Mom shocked after dentist covers ALL of 4-year-old girl's teeth with steel crowns! (VIDEO)

Imagine taking your daughter to the dentist and then having her return home with a mouthful of metal! According to Arizona mom Alecia White, that's exactly happened to her 4-year-old daughter, Savannah, after she went in for a routine procedure.

Apparently, White brought Savannah to the dentist to get work done on four cavities. She brought the toddler into an examination room and stayed with her until she was sedated before going back to the waiting room. It wasn't until after they had gone home and a still-groggy Savannah had woken up from a nap that White discovered her daughter's entire mouth had been covered with stainless-steel crowns!


The crowns gave little Savannah a kind of scary appearance and White says her daughter was embarrassed by her new teeth. After catching wind of the story, TV station AZ Family asked a local pediatric dentist to examine photographs of the young girl's mouth. And though he was stunned by the number of caps on the child, he said the dental work was necessary due to the level of damage in the teeth. Eventually Savannah's teeth were capped with white veneers giving her back her normal appearance.

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Okay, I know it must be weird to have your daughter's teeth completely covered in metal (it must have looked like she was wearing a grill!), but I'm way less concerned with her appearance than I am with her health. I mean, why were her teeth that decayed in the first place? Though I know the dentist should've consulted the mother BEFORE putting in her crowns, White should have been taking care of her daughter's teeth and making sure she was practicing proper oral hygiene long before she even made this trip to the dentist. If she had, neither of them would have to go through all this in the first place!

Image via AZ Family

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