Several teachers arrested during sting to catch child-sex predators! (VIDEO)

Some people are just sick individuals--especially the ones in this story. More than 50 men ages 19 through 60 were busted in a home in Florida after being caught for trying to have sex with children. Police posed as young children during a week-long law enforcement operation to catch men trying to solicit sex from young victims.

Police posed undercover as children online and pretended to be parents offering their children up for sex. The men were caught in the home in Oviedo, Florida, which is about 19 miles from Orlando, but what's worse is what some of these men did for a living...


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The most shocking portion of this story has to be that among the many men caught, several teachers were arrested as well! According to police, one of the men was a middle school teacher who had planned on having sex with a 14-year-old boy. Another was a high school English teacher, who even had condoms with intentions to have sex with a 14-year-old girl, and an elementary school interpreter for deaf children who was caught for soliciting sex with a 13-year-old boy.  Even a school janitor got collared!

It's good to know that police are trying to crack down on sickos such as these men who have an unhealthy fixation with children. I'm shocked by the number of people they caught because it shows that there are probably plenty more out there that need to be apprehended before they strike.

As disgusting as these would-be predators are, thankfully the police caught them in their slick operation. CNN shares that there is footage of the ambush which even includes a man who tried to run away on foot, but was caught in time. The other men arrested happened to be college students, a businessman, and a tourist.

Thankfully these men are off the streets and children are free of harm, but it's scary to know that A LOT of them are teachers who are always surrounded by children and parents trust their kids in their care. It just shows you that these operations are helpful and more authorities should take pointers from the Florida police.  

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