Many girls now looking for "sugar daddies" to help pay for their education

Going to school and living in a major city can't be easy. In fact, it can be really, really expensive. I know because I did it: I moved to New York City and went to school at NYU, the fifth most expensive school in America according to

Well, these days some ladies have figured out the way to live in a big city while going to college: get a sugar daddy! That's right, and now there's a website for college women who are looking for an "arrangement" with an older, richer gentleman.


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According to the New York Daily News, is "the #1 sugar daddy dating & sugar baby personals", created to connect the "modern daddy" who is a man that is respected and very generous (as in, he gives ladies a monthly allowance) to the "goal-seeking sugar baby" who is an attractive, intelligent, ambitious and goal-oriented woman who wants to be pampered and helped mentally, emotionally and, I'm assuming most importantly, financially.

Apparently the company, after analyzing its data for 2012, found that women who go to New York University and Columbia University, both in New York City, were the fastest growing demographic on the site. Plus, they typically ask for a bigger monthly allowance (around $4,000) than in other cities.

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I honestly can't imagine how this kind of arrangement would work. Although company spokesperson Jennifer Gwynn says that that not all "sugar babies" have to have sex with their generous "sugar daddies," I can't imagine that the men would be giving away thousands of dollars a month without expecting a little something in return.

In the end, this seems like a crazy new development for which we can only blame the crazy rising costs of college education. I mean, is this seriously what our kids are going to have to resort to in order to pay their way through school? I definitely hope not! And, beyond that, I hope that these girls on really know what they're doing.

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