Disgusting mom convicted for using teen daughter in online ad for sex

In one of the most disturbing and horrifying stories I've ever heard, a New Hampshire mother was just convicted of exploiting her daughter after she advertised the 14-year-old teen for sex online. The kicker? The mom is a lawyer herself, who credited Christianity for her success!

The woman was sentenced after using her teen daughter to find sexual partners, even videotaping encounters with her on camera. On Thursday, she appeared in court where two men testified to having relations with both the mom and her child, each of which remain unidentified.


One man named Kevin Watson said he and the daughter had elicit Skype sessions after meeting online. He also revealed that he met both her and her mom in a motel room during Memorial Day weekend of last year, where the woman recorded him and the teen having sex, as well as other sexual encounters. Apparently, the mother even told him it was her daughter's first time having intercourse!

The other man named Brandon Ore met the duo after responding to a personal ad that read "two girls, 18 and 33, looking to party." He didn't find out they were mother and daughter and that the girl was only 14 until weeks later and eventually turned himself into the police.

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Ugh, the whole thing is too disgusting to even process. How can anyone do something like that to a kid, let alone a mother to her own child? Though the teen is now in foster care (her dad is divorced from her mom and it's unclear why he didn't take her in), how will she ever recover from everything she's gone through, especially since it was all at the hands of her own parent? A parent that advertised themself to the rest of the world as a responsible lawyer and a devout Christian no less!

I'm just relieved to know that she'll be paying for her crimes. The woman has been in jail since she was initially arrested in November and now that the jury has convicted her to eight counts of exploiting a teen, she will face a minimum of 25 years in jail when sentenced later this year.

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