8-year-old tech whiz helps neighbor reunite with long lost sister! (VIDEO)

Guess what? I think we've found the real-life modern day Sherlock Holmes … and he's actually an 8-year-old boy named Eddie Hanzlin!

Hanzlin, who is apparently a boy genius and a whiz at computers, recently put his skills to work when he helped his neighbor, Clifford Boyson, find his older long-lost sister through Facebook. Boyson and his sibling, Betty Billadeau, were placed in separate homes in Chicago over six decades ago and hadn't seen each other since. That is, until Boyson recruited Hanzlin to search for his sister online. 


And it looks like Boyson made the right move because the young boy was able to find Billadeau, his neighbor's now 70-year-old sister, in Saint Louis County. Since then, the siblings have reconnected via Facetime and are now planning to see each other in person for the first time in 65 years this weekend.  

Wow, isn't that amazing?! Can you imagine being reunited with a sibling whom you haven't seen in over half a century? And all because of a tech-savvy 8-year-old boy, no less!

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Honestly though, as incredible of a story as it is, I don't find it completely surprising that such a young kid was able to reconnect two family members using the Internet. After all, I grew up being online and consider myself pretty well-versed in all things computers … but I always feel ancient in my knowledge when hanging out with my younger cousins, who are on top of all the latest gadgets, apps, etc. I just can't keep up!

Still, in this case, the child is probably a little young to have his own Facebook account…but maybe he can get a job there one day? Hey, he obviously knows how his way around the site!

Image via KSDK

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