BREAKING NEWS: Taft High shooting in California leaves 2 injured, suspect in custody (VIDEO)

The world is still reeling from last month's school shooting tragedy in Newtown but already, more gunfire has erupted. Earlier this morning, a shooter opened fire at Taft Union High School in California, leaving two injured.

Authorities have not released much information about the incident other than to reveal that it occurred at around 9 a.m. and took place in the science building. Two people were shot, the first of whom suffered minor injuries and refused treatment and the second, who is known to be a student, was airlifted to a medical center.


About 20 minutes later, police were able to take the suspect into custody. Students were evacuated to the football field and parents were notified to come pick their children up. Kern County sheriff's spokeman Ray Pruitt told the Associated Press that the suspect is believed to be a student and the weapon used was a shotgun.

Police were fire made aware of the situation after receiving a flood of calls from people at the school, many of whom who were hiding in closets.

The Taft Police Department is not revealing any more details about the crime, but a press conference is expected to take place later today at the school.

I just can't believe this is happening again. Will these senseless attacks ever stop? Those poor students and teachers must have been terrified, particularly after the horrific massacre at Connecticut's Sandy Hook. It's amazing that they were even able to keep calm and react so quickly, alerting the police while trying to hide. I just pray that the two injured are able to recover and that no further injuries or fatalities are reported.

Either way, one thing's for sure: Vice president Joe Biden is set to speak about plans for gun control next week and he better have something to say because a change NEEDS to be made. Since last month, it seems as if no one, particularly parents, students, and teachers at schools around the nation, has felt safe and this incident will obviously only add to that unease.  

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