"Lion" dog sparks panic in Virginia town!

With the number of different dogs being crossbred, it's no surprise that this Labradoodle (labrador mixed with a poodle) caused so much of an uproar. The hilarious story comes from Norfolk, Virginia where a panicked passerby freaked out when he saw the ferocious-looking dog and called 911 to report a lion sighting.

The 3-year-old dog named Charles the Monarch has a dyed tail and a fluffy coat which can easily trick people into thinking that he is a small lion. Soon after the sighting, Norfolk Police Department received many phone calls about the SAME dog. Aw, poor pooch!


There are definitely many different breeds of dogs out there, so it's funny to see that this one dog could cause so much of a panic. I've always said my dog (a bassett hound) has features similar to a sea lion's--as crazy as that may sound. Hopefully no passerby thinks he's exactly that and that I stole him from the zoo!

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According to CNN.com, the calls the police department received were pretty amusing and even had officials check the local zoos to make sure their lions were intact. One of the residents told the dispatcher that the lion was the size of a labrador retriever … because as it turned out, he was just that!

After zoo keepers calmed down, police learned that Charles had just gotten a grooming and his owner, Daniel Painter, had him shaved that way because he was the lion mascot at the Old Dominion University.

Since Charles' appearance, he has been making guest spots on morning shows and become a full blown celebrity. And no star would be complete without a Facebook page! The pooch has his own page and is described as an "Every day party animal." Can you believe he already has more than 25,000 likes?

For now Charles is enjoying his newfound fame and even posted: "Who wants a pawtograph?" on his status, ha! Stumbling into showbiz was definitely a mistake worthwhile for him! Maybe Charles will be featured as a stunt double for a baby lion--maybe Simba!--in an upcoming movie.

For now check him out in the cute video below!

Image via CNN.com

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