Mexican restaurant makes employees wear grossly racist T-shirt

I love Latin food and am normally willing to give it a try at any eatery…but after hearing of the blatant racism that takes place at Taco Cid in Columbia, South Carolina, I think it's safe to say that's one Mexican restaurant  you'll never catch me eating at.

The restaurant recently came under fire after someone tweeted out a photo of a Taco Cid cashier wearing a T-shirt embroidered with the words, "How to catch an illegal immigrant" over a cartoonish picture of a wooden trap with tacos used as bait. Can you believe that?!


And unfortunately, it wasn't just some one-time fluke. Apparently, all the employees actually wear the offensive shirt as their work uniform! And as if that wasn't bad enough, the restaurant also has the shirt for sale so that patrons have the option of buying it for themselves.

Ugh, why in the world would anyone wear that EVER, let alone at a place of business? It's not just inappropriate and unprofessional--it's downright racist!  I mean, implying that illegal immigrants are so easily swayed that they can be "caught" with tacos as bait? They're basically comparing real people to brainless animals.

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The really sad part though is that the owners probably think they're being clever and funny for the employees to wear those shirts at a Mexican restaurant. But in my personal opinion, the fact that they're mocking the very culture they're profiting from only makes the whole thing that much worse.

I just find it hard to believe that customers haven't found a problem with this before. I only hope that now that people realize what they're doing, they'll stop frequenting the restaurant until they're forced to change their distasteful actions.

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