5 Children die drowned in horrific wreck after SUV plunges into creek

Sad new out of Mississippi today: five children and one adult died in a horrific car wreck Saturday night as the vehicle they were driving in drove off a road and fell into a creek.

How absolutely horrifying!

The accident happened outside of Philadelphia, a city in Mississippi, a little after midnight Saturday morning.


Reports indicate that the kids drowned as the Dodge Durango they were in plunged into the creek, which had grown due to recent rains. The children were all siblings and have been identified as 9-year-old Daysanna, 8-year-old Duane, 7-year-old Bobby, 4-year-old Quinton, and little 18-month-old Kekiameas John. The one adult who perished was a friend of the family, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, 37-year-old Diane Chickaway.

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The kids' dad, Dewayne John, somehow managed to escape the vehicle as it became submerged in the deadly waters. The children's mom, Deanna, also survived the crash as did the only adult victim's husband, Dale Chickaway. Dad Dewayne is still hospitalized and being treated for hypothermia and water inhalation.

All in the SUV were members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, according to FoxNews.com, and part of a community in Mississippi that operates a large casino.

Although there are reports that the dad, who was the driver, was under the influence of alcohol, this is has not been determined yet. A spokeswoman for the tribe has said that funeral arrangements would be made today, and the kids are expected to be buried together. Another heartbreaking detail: None of the passengers in the doomed SUV were wearing seat belts, and none of the kids were in restraints or child seats of any kind.

How absolutely heartbreaking to lose your entire family in one fell swoop. Although I'm not sure what caused this horrific accident, I hope it wasn't the dad's irresponsible driving while intoxicated, knowing he had his entire family in the vehicle with him. In any case, our thoughts and prayers are with him, the kids' mom, and the family members and fellow tribe members of the victims.

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