BREAKING NEWS: Did Shakira just give birth to her first son?

Barcelona soccer star Gerard Piqué announced earlier today via Twitter and Facebook that his baby with Colombian superstar Shakira was born. How exciting!

Labor must have happened a whole month earlier for Shaki, since we were calculating the Colombiana was about 8 months pregnant, due in January.

Although some sites, like, are reporting that Pique's tweet might be nothing more than a prank, in honor of the Día de los Santos Inocentes, which is akin to our own April Fools Day, and being celebrated today in Spain. Well, we'll know the truth soon enough, but if it's true that she's given birth: Congratulations Shaki and Piqué!


The couple was spending Christmas in Piqué's grandmother's house in the small Spaniard town of Saint Guim, some 18 miles from Barcelona. We hope the contractions didn't start there, because I'm sure the route between little towns to the city must take some time to travel!

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Shakira and Piqué have also revealed that the baby is a boy, but they recently rejected earlier reports that they were going to name him Ulises or Biel. For now, we'll have to wait, at least until tomorrow, to find out first of all if this was truly a prank, and if not, the real name of the much-awaited baby!

We're waiting with bated breath!

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