Watch a shark tank literally explode all over innocent shoppers! (VIDEO)

There are a lot of random things in this world to be afraid of--spiders and clowns being at the top of my personal phobias. But after a recent incident at a mall in China, I'm officially adding exploding shark tanks to the list! That's right--in a scene straight out of a scary movie, a 7-meter long, 3-meter-high (that's nearly 23 feet long by 10 feet high!) aquarium filled with fish, turtles, and three lemon sharks suddenly exploded in a Shanghai shopping center.


As can be seen in this nightmarish video, the huge tank cracked and then shattered, causing bystanders to literally get hit in the face with water and its inhabitants! Can you imagine that?! One minute, you're standing and gazing at some pretty fish and the next, you're struggling to stand up in dirty water while trying to avoid flying sharks!

Most of the creatures, including the three sharks, died and 15 people were injured by the broken shards of glass. A spokesman for the mall said: "They are not going to build an aquarium again in the future."

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Well, I should hope not! Why would you have a tank of that size in the middle of a shopping mall anyway? That certainly doesn't seem like the smartest thing. Besides, its design obviously wasn't very efficient given that the thing spontaneously exploded and literally smacked innocent people in the face!

Whatever the reason, you can now consider me officially terrified of shark tanks. From now on, I'm steering clear of anything bigger than a fishbowl...and avoiding trips to the aquarium at all costs!

Image via YouTube

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