Dead abuelo's creepy ghost appeared in granddaughter's christening photo

This will certainly send chills up your spine. An abuela in Petham, England received the scare of a lifetime after seeing her deceased husband's apparition in her granddaughter's christening photo. The 50-year-old woman, Heather Sewell, said the picture surfaced after it was taken with her son's cell phone and posted on Facebook.

Her husband, Terry, committed suicide at the age of 41, so when she saw what appeared to be his ghost in the picture, she became very upset. Although she knows it sounds bizarre, she is convinced that it was him making an unexpected visit at his granddaughter's special day.


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This gave me goosebumps because Terry's ghost could not be more apparent. I don't blame Heather for reacting the way that she did, but it probably would have spooked me more! The image that appears is a black and white face hovering over her granddaughter, Mila-Bella Kennett and the family. The eerie part about the apparition is that Heather says it matches all of Terry's physical qualities. "'Terry had a long face and so does the ghost and it has the same hair style as Terry had," she explained, adding that the height was the same as his too.

Although she considers herself superstitious, she says that there was no camera trickery and that others saw the ghost in the picture as well. Creepy!

I don't necessarily consider myself a believer in ghosts, but this picture really scared me upon first seeing it. I can't even imagine the fright Heather received, but at least she can determine that Terry is watching over her and the family. At least he made a guest appearance at his granddaughter's christening!

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