Apocalypse 2012: 6 things you still have to do now that the world hasn't ended

Well guys, we made it! That's right--it's currently almost 12 noon on December 21, 2012 and the world hasn't ended. The human race is still alive and well and there have been no reports of bizarre natural distasters, strange alien sightings or Godzilla-like creatures taking over major cities--which also means all those people freaking the heck out over this supposed doomsday are probably feeling pretty silly right about now. 


While I'm not at all surprised to find that the apocalypse predictions held no truth, I can't help but feel a little sorry for the people who did. They must have been so busy getting "prepared" for this almighty event that they probably neglected a whole lot of every day tasks. I wasn't even really a believer, but I still found myself using the 12/21/12 theory as an excuse to put off washing the dishes. Alas, today is just another ordinary day...which means I, along with everyone else, not only have to face my kitchen sink, but also  deal with these 6 other things you still have to do now that the world hasn't ended: 

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1. Finish Christmas shopping: I always procostratinate when it comes to the holidays, but this year, I took my last-minute tendencies to a new level...which means I now have the dreaded task of hitting the mall just days before Christmas Eve.

2. Paying the bills: One of the very first things I thought about this morning after "Oh, I'm awake," was "Oh no! My student loan payment is due tomorrow."

3. Walking the dogs. I love my dogs and normally enjoy any quality time I can spend with them. But heading out in the freezing cold rain this a.m. while I'm battling a cold? Not fun. 

4. Your normal exercise routine. The last week, you might have been questioning whether going to the gym really had a purpose if the world was about to end. Now, no excuses (unless you use "But it's almost Christmas!" which I have before).

5. Laundry. Is it me or is that hamper looking even fuller and heavier than usual today?

6. Waiting in long lines. It's holiday season and the world hasn't ended, which means you're bound to get stucking waiting at some point--whether it's on a line of traffic, a line at the airport, or a line at your local Starbucks. 

Still, while I think we can all agree that most of these things aren't exactly our favorite tasks, I guess in the grand scheme of things, they are only small prices to pay...and I'd choose that, along with continual existence of our planet, any day. 

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