Esteban Loaiza explains why he wasn't at Jenni Rivera's funeral services (VIDEO)

Love is not always enough. That's just one of the lessons that the late Jenni Rivera left us. Her estranged husband, former baseball player Esteban Loaiza, recently explained with a heavy heart why he wasn't at the public memorial service for the Diva de la Banda.

"Greetings to the family and all the fans that loved her so much. The reason I was not at the memorial service was out of respect to the Rivera family, but I send my heartfelt condolences to all of them," he explained in a telephone interview with Univision news show Primer Impacto.


I'm glad Loaiza decided to stay away from Jenni's family. Even though the reasons behind their split were never made public, it's obvious that a lack of love was not the cause of that breakup. Jenni only said that Loaiza had committed "atrocities" which she could not live with, but she never really came out and said what those were--and she never said she didn't love him.

"I'm going to remember her with all my heart. I loved her so much and STILL love her," Loaiza said in the interview. "I'm going to remember her for many reasons, but most of all for her smile, her love, the stories and motivation behind her songs, her fans, her family."

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The couple married after a 2-year romance in 2010 with more than 800 guests in attendance at the Simi Valley, California nuptials. Jenni filed for divorce just this past October, a few days after their second anniversary. Right before her death, she hinted that she was going through a difficult and painful time.

The rumor mill swirled around money issues (it was reported that Loaiza may have stolen money from Rivera) and some sources hinted that with Esteban may have even romanced Jenni's oldest daughter, Janney "Chiquis" Marin. River never addressed either of the rumors. Chiquis, however, has vehemently denied her involvement in the breakup of her mom's marriage, saying repeatedly via Twitter that she was being unjustly accused.

Jenni and Loaiza did have a prenuptual agreement, but it's not known what were the provisions pertaining to her death. It's estimated that her worth is upwards of $300 million.

Although the public service was held at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles yesterday, the family has decided to have a private funeral and burial which will be today at the All Souls cemetery in Jenni's hometown of Long Beach,  California.

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