Heartless teen threw out her premature baby in a dumpster at the mall (VIDEO)

A Chicago teenage girl is under arrest after dumping the body of her dead premature fetus in the parking lot of a mall. The unnamed mother had reportedly given birth in secret in her uncle's apartment last Thursday. She then stashed the dead fetus in her trunk before going to school and later dumping it callously.

The fetus was discovered in a trash bin of the Yorktown Center Mall--where the teenager worked. Her crime was discovered after she was admitted to Elmhurst Memorial hospital for delivery complications.  


I don't understand why there are still mothers disposing babies in the most vile places. In this day and age there are so many options than to just dump their bodies as if they were garbage. In this case since the baby was born premature and although she could have gone to a hospital and asked for help, she decided to take matters into her own hands with disastrous results.

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A doctor found out what the teen had done after she was treated at the hospital for her complications. He then reported it to police who found the dead fetus in the trash. Whether the baby was born dead or if the girl killed it is still unclear. Sources say the teenager was 20 to 24 weeks along in her pregnancy and although police are investigating, she has not been charged yet.

Ugh! Hearing stories like this makes me sick. Instead of doing the right thing by getting medical help, this girl is in trouble for her terrible decision. How does one live with themselves after committing something so cold? If she wasn't ready to have a baby, there are many forms of birth control out there that she could have used. I hope she gets a punishment that will make her realize how bad her choice was before doing something like that again.  

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