HIV positive Latino trucker rapes & infects over 50 women in Colombia

Being diagnosed as being HIV positive is thankfully no longer a death sentence. Thanks to emerging technology and medicine, people can live for a long time with HIV or AIDS. However, there's still no usable cure--which is what makes what 57-year-old Libardo Rojas Duenas even more unforgivable. Apparently the HIV positive Colombian truck driver has been raping women all across the country and has allegedly infected more than 50 women!


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There are no words cruel enough to hurl at this man, in my opinion. I mean, seriously, he may have infected MORE THAN 50 WOMEN! That's a ridiculously huge number of women to be at risk because of one cruel a-hole of a man. I can't even believe that anyone, no matter how unfeeling of a man or woman, could do something like this to so many innocent people.

According to the Daily Mail, as reported by Fox News Latino, police found that he had raped a 16-year-old girl in the city of Cucuta and she was later found to have HIV. More than this, he has raped other women and also had consensual sex with women but did not use protection, so all of them have been put at risk due to what police are saying was his "uncontrollable rampage."

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Thankfully, the cruel man has now been caught and is being charged with rape as well as "knowingly contaminating another person with HIV". However, this last charge could put him in prison for a maximum of only 12 years. As far as I'm concerned, he needs to be locked away to live his miserable life out without touching another human being. This is just despicable and I sincerely hope he's locked up as soon as possible.

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