Sandy Hook shooting survivor: "Mommy, I'm okay, but all my friends are dead"

The stories emerging from the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut have ranged from heroic to horrifying. A mentally unstable, 20-year-old, Adam Lanza, shot and killed his mother before attacking the school and taking 26 other innocent lives. It has been positively heartbreaking to hear the small children who bore witness to this violent crime speak out about their experiences.

Not only are the survivors traumatized by the horrible events, but they have to live with those images for the rest of their life. An unnamed 6-year-old girl is making headlines because she bravely played dead amongst her classmates' bodies when the rampage occurred--and she is the sole survivor of her entire class because of it.


Amazingly, the one child who saw everything happen before her eyes has spoken out. Her story came out after her mother took her to a counseling session with local pastor, Jim Solomon. The pastor shared the story with ABC News and he says the little girl was the first student to run out of the school and was the only one who survived in her first grade class. She told the pastor that she played dead as the shooter murdered her friends and eventually ran out, covered in the blood of her friends, when she thought it was safe to leave.  

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"Mommy, I'm okay, but all my friends are dead," the little 6-year-old gasped as she ran to her mother. The child has surprised many with her intelligence and brave spirit. Although the child is safe at home, the pastor says that the family is experiencing survivors' guilt after the tragic ordeal.

I don't know if I would have been able to think as quickly as this young child if I was in a similar situation. She definitely had a guardian angel watching over her. I hope she and the rest of the students who made it out alive receive proper therapy to recover from this traumatizing event.

No child or person should ever have to experience so gruesome and unfortunately many in this case were not as lucky as this brave girl. Our thoughts and hearts go out to the victim's families as they grieve through this dark time.

Image via ABC

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