Brazilian 'love motel' for dogs sounds crazy but pet owners are lining up

Talk about taking puppy love to a whole new level! A Brazilian hotel named Animalle Mundo Pet is offering pets a "reproductive assistance" session for $50, well…to get it on. The eight-story pet complex, sets the mood with red cushions, a heart-shaped ceiling mirror, and dimmed lighting. The venue is ideal for owners who want to crossbreed their pets or a full examination on their sexual health.

If this sounds crazy, believe it or not, there are many people taking advantage of this 'love motel' for their dogs who are in heat or ready to be bred.


I don't know exactly how I feel about there being a 'love hotel' for dogs…since unlike humans I can't recall a dog ever needing to set the "mood" to do anything sexual. It's almost creepy that owners are willing to partake during their dog's sex sessions, but I know as pet owners we'll do anything to keep them happy.

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The Animalle Mundo Pet website states that the complex comes complete with a spa, clothing, and "reproductive assistance" for dogs.  They offer exams for sperm quality, female fertility, prenatal counseling, artificial inseminiation--even freezing semen!

One owner, Andreia Kfoury was enamored by the place and said she plans on bringing back her Yorkshire terrier when it's time to breed him. Brazil surprisingly is number one when it comes to ownership of small dogs. And much like many Americans, they view their pets as their children. This works since the pet complex owner, Daniela Guimares says the hotel does not view pets as animals, but more like a person.  

I can't help but find this 'love motel' for dogs bizarre, but in a way it may be helpful for owners who want to be selective about whom they breed their dogs with. The place evaluates all the animals who visit to the T, making them safer than breeding them the old fashioned way.  I guess our pets could do so they'd create a romantic mood for their sex sessions, but as this place has proven, it's up to us to provide them with it.

So if you're in the market to breed your pup, why not make a trip to this Brazilian 'love motel'? Not only will you get to take in some amazing sites, but you'll have your beloved pet breed with some of the hottest dogs out there. I mean after all, isn't Brazil known for its hot people?  

 Image via CNN

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