Jenni Rivera: Family outraged after graphic video of her body parts hits Internet

The family of Jenni Rivera is outraged that a gruesome video showing what appears to be her remains has been circulating the web, and they've been trying to do everything possible to take all the versions down. The video was apparently shot and leaked by one of the first responders to the horrific plane crash that took la Diva de la Banda's life last Sunday morning. According to TMZ, the graphic video shows mangled body parts including a severed foot with painted toenails. Jenni was the only woman on board.

Government officials have revealed that two Mexican cops have already been arrested for allegedly stealing things from the crash site and one of them was apparently responsible for leaking the photographs.


Who in their right mind would think it'd be a good idea to take video of Jenni Rivera's body parts and upload it to the Internet for everyone to see? And who is so morbid that they would actually be interested in seeing this video? Sadly, the answer is lots of people. I hope those responsible are punished and that Jenni's family is able to take down the footage uploaded to the web. 

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Meanwhile, a vigil made up of the late singer's fans continues to grow at her family's home in Los Angeles as they await news of plans for her memorial services which are expected to take place early next week. Apparently, there will be a ceremony open to the public so they can honor and say their last goodbyes to their idol, according to what her brother Juan Rivera told the Spanish news agency EFE.

Her fans can also enjoy a celebration of Jenni's life and music in Reventón: Celebrando a la Diva on Mun2, which aired the popular "I Love Jenni" reality show, Sunday at 12 p.m. PST. 

While the cause of the fatal plane crash is still under investigation, the DEA has confirmed it's investigating the company that owned the luxury jet and Christian Esquino, the businessman behind it.

Image via Julio Enriquez/flickr

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