Drunk woman tries to shoot husband when she learns he likes porn

Listen up, ladies: your man likes porn. He probably watches porn, reads about porn and fantasizes about other women. It doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't love you and it definitely doesn't mean that he wants to leave you or, worse, wants to do something in bed that you're just not comfortable. It could mean that but, in my experience, guys just love porn. Period. It's no reason to get mad at him and it is CERTAINLY no reason to shoot at your man, the way that a drunk Nevada did. That's right, Anita Lane English tried to shoot her husband of seven years after she caught him reading a porn book featuring threesomes.


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Honestly, I think she's just being ridiculous. According to the New York Daily News, the 69-year-old woman found her husband's book and that sparked a heated argument that ended with her trying to shoot him, first with a .30-30 rifle and then a shotgun. Thankfully, he was able to escape to safety and call the police. Washoe County Sheriff's Deputy Armando Avina told the paper:

It sounds like Anita was upset, thinking that the husband was possibly insinuating something regarding them two and a friend. At that time they did have another female guest at the residence who was just a friend of the family. We were able to find two spent rounds that did come from a .22 handgun that were discharged out of the front door towards the husband's direction. There was no type of self defense on anyone's part. This was a matter of a person being angry enough in a domestic violence situation that they did turn a firearm on another person in an attempt to injure or cause death to another person.

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Maybe you don't agree with me, but I really, really think that she overreacted. This is simply a case of domestic abuse and, well, her being just too drunk to realize that what she was doing was pretty much the worst idea on the planet. Personally, if I were him, I would just divorce her if she's going to have such an insanely violent reaction to a little harmless erotica reading. Or maybe give her 50 Shades of Grey for Christmas so that she can enjoy some of it for herself.

Image via Washoe County Jail

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