Man savagely raped and killed mother of 10, then lived with her dead body for 6 months

This may just be the most grotesque and horrifying story I've ever heard. A man with mental issues brutally raped and killed his girlfriend—and then lived with her corpse for 6 months. Devon Epps of Stockton, California was caught after the landlord of his former apartment building evicted him last year and discovered the decomposing body belonging to 35-year-old, Veronica Jones in a tub. The scariest part of this whole situation is that tenants had no indication that he had a dead body in his apartment the whole time.

A missing person person's report  was filed for Veronica--a mother of 10 children--back in June, but cops didn't even visit the apartment for another month. To make matters worse, they didn't even enter the confines to search for evidence or clues. The body was eventually found 6 months later on December 5th .


I cannot express the utter disgust I have towards the police force who handled this investigation. It's bad enough that this man committed such a heinous crime, but to undermine the value of a dead mother is unacceptable. The sickening photos presented in court were that of the brutal slaying committed by Epps after he had bashed in Jones' head with a metal table pedestal, raped her with a foreign object, and stabbed her 32 times. The butchering was so bad, that the victim's face was unrecognizable.

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Rightfully so, her family was outraged by the discovery, and her brother had a few words to say to police. "'I believe the law is supposed to protect victims and I don't think my sister was being protected," Jones' brother, Isaac Zuniga said in court. Even more shocking is what cops said when the family reported her missing. "The only thing they told me is that it's not a crime to be missing, that they have a right not to talk to family or friends, and she was basically not missing."

The family had last heard from her in June 2012 and they grew suspicious once she stopped contacting them. A CPS social worker who supervised Jones' visits to see her 2-year-old son even said that the mom always notified them if she wouldn't be showing up. How awful!

I cannot fathom how Veronica's family feels right now. How did Epps get away with having a decomposed body in his apartment for 6 months without a neighbor complaining about the stench?! If he was not right in the head, there had to be some sort of clues that led police to him as suspect.

I hope Jone's family gets justice for her death after police completely dismissed her disappearance. No child or family should have to suffer what the Jones' went through.

 Image via CBS13

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