Latina caught with cocaine-filled breast implants!

Um, WHAT?! Police in Spain have just arrested a Panamanian woman who arrived at Barcelona airport with cocaine hidden in her brand new breast implants. That's right, a woman actually allowed doctors and, I'm assuming, drug dealers (or maybe a drug-dealing doctor?) to put balloons filled with the illegal drug and then hopped a plane from Bogota, Colombia to Barcelona, Spain.


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Now, I have breast implants, too (in fact, my mom convinced me to get them!) but I can't for the life of me imagine why anyone would want to do this. I mean, seriously, what could actually motivate this woman to do something so crazy and so dangerous to her body? According to the Huffington Post, the Spanish authorities found 3 pounds of cocaine concealed in this woman's breasts after the implant surgery.

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Apparently she was caught after police noticed "fresh scars and blood-stained gauze on her chest as well as pale patches beneath her skin." That's when she was detailed and sent to a local hospital, "where the implants were removed and found to contain cocaine." I mean, that's just a really scary situation!

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