Esteban Loaiza, ex-husband of Jenni Rivera (they were in the process of divorce, they are still technically married) has finally spoken out! Loaiza  seemed moved and visibly tired when he spoke out to ask the family of La Diva de la Banda that they please return his calls so he can have more and true information about Jenni's death.

"I am still in disbelief, I want to know the truth, since her brothers, my brothers-in-law are there and they don't return my calls," said the former Major Leagues baseballer, who was married to Jenni for almost two years and since October has refused to respond to the divorce papers.

In exclusive statements made to Telemundo's Un Nuevo Día talk show, Loaiza said via phone. "I've called my mother-in-law and Pedro, but no one returns my calls. What we're going through right now is really hard," he said.

Loaiza, who the rumor mill has accused of their divorce due to misuse of their funds and infidelity (some say with Jenni's own daughter Chiquis), he refused to comment on the legal ramifications of Jenni's death, since they were not officially divorced yet. He did affirm that he wanted to wait until the situation is completely resolved.

"I won't actually believe she's gone until I get a call from them [her family]. So many things are said by the media and on the internet, I don't know what's true, we're all clinging on to hope like everyone, fans and family. None of us can believe what's happening. I'm just going to wait for their call," he concluded.

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The truth is that we don't know if legally he's entitled to any of Jenni's fortune. The prenuptial agreement could be null and void after her death, especially since the divorce was never finalized. I hope with all my heart that Loaiza is a gentleman and does the right thing, and as he has his own fortune, he doesn't take a cent from hers, and what belongs to her kids.

Personally, I'd love to know what happened to end their marriage, and I hope he speaks out about that too. We all know that Jenni was strong and had overcome many things during her life, but this divorce seemed to be hitting her hard, especially with the connection--real or no--to Chiquis that was rumored.

And honestly, I'm not surprised the family isn't giving him the time of day.

Image via Jenni Rivera/Twitter

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Add Comment What do you think of Loaiza's first declarations to the press?

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Her last interview a/El Gordo de Molina says it all. So glad she voiced her feelings about him, vague as they were. She said something to the effect that he wasn't the person he appeared to be and it was a mistake to have married him. Obviously, he is trying to figure out a plan to get to her fortune! LOW-LIFE!
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Si espero que el Senor Loaiza, haga lo correcto y no toque un centavo del dinero de Jenni, especialmente si el no lo necesita. Ese dinero le pertenece a los hijos de Jenni que trabajo tan duro para sacarlos adelante a sus hijos, ojala que ese senor no los despoje de lo que es de ellos por derecho.
Para mi no dijo nada
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I feel so bad for everyone. No one knows what hes feeling inside. Im sure he loves her. People make mistakes and noone really knows the whole story. I hope everyone finds peace in their souls. This is horrible and im pretty sure everyone is suffering for her lost.
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I think its worth exploring that he could have paid someone to bring her plane down....
stop making stupid comments about jenni Rivera she is GodBless u jenni we will miss u always <3
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He is a low life. He needs to stah away from the family. They are going threw enoug. She dudnt file fir a divorce for nothing. It has to be true what he us accused of. He us a gold digger and a cheater.
everyone needs to shutt the fuck up cuz no one knows the real story... he made a mistake of cheating no one perfect ok and at the end of the day he regrets it and did love her, and if ppl think that jenni rivera daughter slept with her ex husband they shoulda done a lie detector test, cuz thats what i woulda done. let her r.i.p ppl and leave the poor guy alone
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Yes would he do the right thing? Back in 1995-6 he broke my friends heart she attended southwestern college, she was so proud showed me his picture in a Pittsburg uniform, but the fame got to him, and the money one may presume. She was so heartbroken, she joined the army around that time, never heard of her again.
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People need to mind their own business! What went on between Jenni and husband are their own PRIVATE matters that don't need to be exposed to the public. If Jenni wanted to share that part of her life, you can beat she would of made it known! People get off the soap box, Jenni deserves to rest in peace.
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