BREAKING NEWS: Jenni Rivera's brother Lupillo Rivera vows to return from Mexico with her body (VIDEO)

Lupillo Rivera, brother of deceased Banda Diva Jenni Rivera, has had a hard job in the hours after the family found out about the plane crash that killed his sister as well as the 6 other passengers aboard. He was the person who received the initial phone call on Sunday morning, after the plane disappeared from radars. Now, it's about to get even worse as he travels to Mexico to identify what little remains of the singer and waits to receive confirmation of the DNA samples. 

Lupillo was in North Carolina where he was performing, according to reports, when he received the horrifying phone call. His friends told the press that the popular signer and judge on Telemundo's hit reality TV show Yo me llamo was virtually paralyzed when he received the news.


He finally arrived at the home of their mom, Rosa Saavedra, and has assumed a leadership role within the family, taking over the decisions of what to do with the remains of his sister Jenni.

He tweeted this morning: Ama..voy a llevarle a su hija a casa, Le llevare su mama a mis sobrinos A nuestra hermana. fans a una gran señora!!!!!!!!!!................ (Mom, I'm going to bring your daughter home; I will bring their mom back to my nieces and nephews, our sister. And fans a great lady!!!!)

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You can't even begin to imagine how heavy my heart was after I read this. Lupillo is not the oldest of the Rivera clan, at barely 40 years old he's younger than Jenni, but he's the one who has been charged with the morbid, difficult task of identifying his sister's remains at the forensics services department in the Monterrey hospital where those have been taken. It's probably good that no one else from the family is there for this. 

Also joining Lupillo to help in identification are Lisett Alvarez, mom of copilot Alejandro Torres, and Roberto Rivera, brother of Arturo Rivera, Jenni's publicist, who will also be doing the same for makeup artist Jacob Yebale's remains, since his mom isn't in good health to travel.

Fortunately, El Toro del Corrido, as he's known, was able to reconcile with Jenni before her death, since the two had been estranged for a few years after a family disagreement. Afterwards, neither wanted to apologize to the other, until Lupillo reached out to his big sister for support after the announcement of her divorce from baseball player Esteban Loaiza just this past October.

Just 11 days ago, on Dec. 1, the Lupillo and Jenni were together on stage for the first time in seven years. At a Texcoco, Mexico rodeo, Jenni declared her undying love for her little brother: "He's been with me through thick and thin...That's why I'm here today to repay him everything he's done for me!...Knowing that I have him in my life, and seeing how many of you love him, admire him, applaud him, cry and scream for him, I feel incredibly proud. I feel very fortunate to be his sister."

Now, it's their parents and Jenni's kids who can count on their uncle Lupillo to be their source of strength during this very difficult time for the family. Watch the video below of the touching speech Jenni gave about her brother less than two weeks ago at that rodeo.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the entire Rivera clan during this time.

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