Dad stopped by cops who then find 4 kids in his trunk!

In what's probably one of the weirdest stories yet, a man in Lancaster, South Carolina was arrested this past weekend for driving with a suspended license and for having 4 children in the trunk of his car. Police say 33-year-old William Trey Benton was driving in and out of parking spaces on the street when they pulled him over, and although there were passengers in the car, police discovered four children in the trunk.

According to Benton, he had borrowed their grandfather's car and was heading back from the city's annual Christmas parade, but he had more people than could fit into the car, so he put the kids in the trunk. What!? 


But the other problem was the fact that the license plate did not match the one assigned to the car. As a result, Benton was charged with child endangerment, driving under suspension, operating an uninsured motor vehicle and possession of stolen property. Well, that's the dumbest thing this man could have done. If you know your license was suspended, why would you put your family in danger that way? Even worse, he got himself arrested for his not-so-bright move.

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According to police, two of the children found in the trunk were Benton's children. The rest lived with him but were not related. Thankfully, none of the kids were injured or forced into the compartment. One of the excuses Benton gave authorities was that his son had a learner's permit and that once they were out of traffic, he was going to switch places with him.  How does this make it any better?!

The even weirder excuse he made for the license plate issue is that it stemmed from a family feud. He presumed that it was purposefully placed there by a relative and then they notified the police as retaliation.  

Although he considers himself a church going man who wouldn't harm his kids, he sure isn't the brightest crayon in the box for getting himself in this mess. I mean, first of all, even if he had his license, it doesn't make letting his kids ride in the trunk any more legal. And if he knew that his car couldn't fit more than a certain number of passengers, why would he offer rides to people that didn't arrive with him to the parade in the first place?

Well, now this dad is suffering the consequences for a dumb move he could have prevented in the first place.  Maybe next time he'll think twice about breaking the law on top of an already illegal move.

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