Man steals car with toddler in the back seat to teach parents a lesson

I doubt his excuse will help him get away with the crime he committed, but there's no question that what Devon Mills did will be something one dad will never forget. The man had left his car running with his 2-year-old son Luis Trinidad inside while he went to into a Connecticut mini mart. Mills, who was allegedly high on PCP, stole the car with the toddler in the back. According to police, Mills later told them that he'd stolen the car to teach the dad a lesson: never leave your children unattended. 

Can you believe it? 


When Luis' dad came out of the mini mart, he realized his car--with his son insid--was gone! Police issued an Amber Alert soon after the car was swiped and everyone started looking for little Luis. A couple of hours after the car theft, police found the Cadillac in Downtown Hartford, but Luis was nowhere to be found. 

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Apparently, Mills had left the child with an acquaintance and when this person saw the Amber alert, he took Luis to a police station. Luckily, the boy was fine and he was found fairly quickly after he was kidnapped. But can you imagine the alternative? I'm sure that if something tragic had happened, Luis' dad wouldn't have been able to forgive himself. 

Even though what Mills did is despicable, I've got to admit that I agree with the message he was supposedly trying to send Luis' dad. I know it seems like more of a hassle to have to take your kids with you even when going in and out of the store just to get a gallon of milk because I've been there countless times. But the truth it is truly so much better to be safe than sorry. 

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