Hallmark apologizes for card that says 'big boobies' will get tweens rich boyfriends

Hallmark is in trouble after American author Maureen Johnson retweeted a picture of an inappropriate birthday card meant for 13-year-old girls that a mom in the U.K. had posted to the social media site. Johnson took to Twitter and wrote an angry tweet directed at Hallmark regarding the vile message the card sent young women.

So what did this teen birthday card say that has everyone so angry?


The card created by Arnold Barton reads: "You're 13 today! If you had a rich boyfriend he'd give you diamonds and rubies. Well, maybe next year you will--when you've bigger boobies!"

What kind of message are Barton and Hallmark trying to send girls who are just entering adolescence? It's really sad that they even considered selling it, since I can't imagine what parent or relative would want to buy their teen such a card. And it seems like Johnson wasn't the only one outraged by this because her message was re-tweeted more than 800 times. The tweet read:

 "Dear @HallmarkPR, SERIOUSLY???? pic.twitter.com/XcyYeSrX #letsmessgirlsupearlywithcards"

Hallmark responded via their U.K. media relations department on their site and explained that the controversial card had been produced more than 15 years ago, before Hallmark acquired the Arnold Barton brand. They apologized for offending Johnson and others, and claim to have not known that there was still one circulating.

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We know this could have been an honest mistake, but perhaps Hallmark should do a thorough inventory of what cards are getting printed and distributed (I'm sure this card wasn't on store shelves for 15 years!). It's really wrong that in this particular card, they're insinuating that a young woman needs to have large breasts in order to get a 'rich' boyfriend to buy them stuff.

As if teenagers don't have enough pressure, the last thing they need is a card on their special day reminding them of other insecurities. Shame on Hallmark, Arnold Barton, and whoever was selling this card,  but I'm glad it was brought to their attention and they can use more discretion when sending out their card distribution.   

Image via Maureen Johnson/ Twitter

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