Jenni Rivera's 11-year-old son Johnny tweets heartbreaking good-bye to his mamá

If there's one person who worries me in the entire tragedy of Jenni Rivera's death, it's her youngest son, 11-year-old Johnny Lopez. As I perused the young boy's Twitter page, one particular good-bye post brought tears to my eyes. As his messages get more and more urgent, you can feel his desperation, his sadness, and his acceptance that his mamá had died.

But aside from having to deal with the horrific news, the young boy has had to contend with heartless, cruel people swarming his page with false messages of hope. One such message? Someone wrote: "Jenni Rivera found alive in the house of a farmer. She is suffering from light wounds at the moment." To which little Johnny responds: " I will kill you and hunt you down if you are lying."

How could someone do this to an 11-year-old boy!?


One of his tweets, when the entire world was just finding out that the singer had died in an airplane crash, was: "Please come home to me Mama. I love you. Please god bring her back safe and sound!"

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An hour later, Jenni's young son uploaded a picture of him and Chiquis with a message that read: "Me and chiquis0626 so happy we have good info on my mama . They're on their way to save you mam[á]." This was after another heart-breaking tweet from the young boy where he talks about his hope that his mom is still alive. "EVERYONE!!!! WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FROM A PHYSIC!!!! She is alive. Look on 's profile there should be a post there"...

In a heartbreaking tweet written earlier, before all the false messages of hope, Johnny wrote: "I love u Mama. Please take care of my daddy up in heaven." The finality of this message to his mom made me almost break down. I don't even want to think about what's going to happen to this little guy who is only 11 years old. Yes, I know, all her kids will inherit millions, a fortune. They suretly won't have to be out in the street begging, but money isn't all in this world. Johnny, as him mom admitted herself only a few weeks ago, has been suffering from depression and was under psychological treatment. All this after he had taken to Twitter a few weeks ago and posted a picture of a figurine of his stepdad Esteban Loaiza ripped into little pieces, after the news broke that his mom was initiating a divorce from the Mexican ballplayer.

As it's been hard for the rest of the world, processing the news that la Diva de La Banda is gone physically must be a million times harder, a true nightmare that unfortunately they're not going to wake from, and less now that reports have surfaced that the tattered, melted license of the Latina singer was found among the wreckage. Mexican army, state police, civil protection, and fedral police officers are all among the searchers in the Lear Jet 25's wreckage.

Let's just hope that little Johnny is taking a break from his Twitter account and all the cruel hacks to be with his family during this time. Our hearts are with Johnny and his family during this super difficult time.

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