11- and 7-year-old boys hold woman at gunpoint as they tried to steal her car! (VIDEO)

In a seriously shocking case involving two underage boys attempting to rob a woman at gunpoint, the outcome is the least of what you would expect. The incident occurred in Portland, Oregon in a church parking lot as 22-year-old Amy Garrett waited for her parents in her truck. In an unexpected turn of events, she found herself the victim of an attempted carjacking and robbery by two young boys. Just how young? One was 7 years old and the other 11 years old. YEAH, you read that right.

According to Garrett, the unidentified 11-year-old boy had a .22 caliber handgun and had threatened to kill her if she didn't hand over something of value. The young woman luckily escaped without harm, but the way police handled the matter, left her with outrage.


All I could think when I heard about Garrett's situation was, What the hell is going on with kids today?! And then after, Does an 11-year-old even know HOW to drive the car he's trying to carjack. There's A LOT more that disturbed me about her situation, but where did these children get a gun and how does a child as a young as a 7 years old know what a carjacking is?

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The woman recalls that she was waiting outside the Freedom Foursquare church parking lot when the two delinquents came up to her car and demanded her things. When she refused, the oldest boy showed her his gun and when she questioned if it was real, the child retorted, "You don't ever ask somebody if it's real. That's how you get yourself shot." What child speaks that way?!

After refusing to give them anything, the frightened victim sped off, but luckily police had already received complaints from people who had spotted the boys brandishing a gun by the church. Authorities said that the eldest boy refused to comply with them and when placed in the back of the cop car, he kicked it acting like a heroin addict.

Shockingly after being detained, the boys were sent back home and police couldn't do anything because they were underage. After being dropped off at home, the eldest boy escaped his home before getting caught by the police again. The eeriest part about these kids being free is the fact they attend the same church as Garrett. The 11-year-old boy happened to appear during an interview on location the day after the incident. But because of his age, reporters could not speak to him nor did they get his parents approval.

What type of society are we living in when we have to live in fear of children harming us? What disturbs me more is that police didn't launch this into a full investigation on the kids' parents; more often than not behavior like this has to stem from the home, so I'm shocked they aren't looking into the parents!

Plus for all they know, the boy stole the gun from his father and he was probably unaware that it was gone. I'm absolutely disturbed that authorities didn't handle this situation better because if a child is capable of attempting something so horrid, he could take it a step further next time.

 Image via KATU

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