7-year-old tragically killed after dad's gun accidentally discharges

I don't support the owning of gun, but I understand when people say they want it as protection for their families just in case. What I don't understand is why young children are EVER allowed to be in the presence of guns when they're so potentially dangerous. Case in point? One 7-year-old boy was killed on Saturday after his father's handgun accidentally went off and hit him in the chest.


44-year-old Joseph V. Loughrey was getting into his truck in the parking lot of a Pennsylvania gun store when his handgun discharged. According to state police, the bullet hit his young son, Craig, in the chest and the boy died at the scene. Loughrey told authorities that he thought the gun's chamber was empty. What a devastating tragedy!

At the time of the horrifying incident, Loughrey was trying to sell two guns at the store. But after the owners told him they don't buy guns, he attempted to load them back into the truck, where his son was sitting in the passenger seat. Though police say the devastated dad has been cooperative and that the shooting is being investigated as an accident, Loughrey could still face charges, including negligence and manslaughter.  

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I can't even imagine the grief and pain the boy's family must be feeling and particularly, his dad. Though it's pretty clear that this was an unbelievably tragic accident and that Loughrey never meant to harm his son, I have to admit that a big part of me does believe he was negligent and does deserve to face some sort of punishment. After all, why would he allow his son into a car that holds two weapons? And even more importantly, why didn't he double and triple check that those guns were empty before allowing his child into the vehicle?  It seems like easily preventable incidents like these happen way too often, all because people don't take that extra precaution.

Still, I realize that Loughrey has already undergone the worst punishment of all in losing his son. Nothing is more difficult for a parent to go through and my heart truly goes out to him and his family.  

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