Inhumane waiter labels Latinas "fat girls" on their restaurant bill (VIDEO)

When having a fun night dining out with friends the last thing I would expect to get is a shocking bill at the end of the night. Now, I've definitely had bills that were higher than I thought they would be but the embarrassment suffered by three Latinas in a Stockton, California, casino restaurant is far beyond that. After the three friends finished their meal, the Latinas received the receipt and saw that the customer name given to their table was "fat girls". That's right, some a-hole of an insensitive waiter not only referred to them this way while serving them, but also kept the name on the bill they were supposed to pay!


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Seriously, what is WRONG with this guy?! The only way he could have possibly made this situation worse was if he killed a puppy or something. But, really, there is absolutely NO excuse for calling your customers "fat girls". It's not okay to their faces and it's not okay to do it behind their backs either. This only goes to show our country's fat phobia and, although I'm a big proponent of eating healthy and I've lost a lot of weight myself, how calling people names because they're overweight is the most acceptable form of hate crime.

This is completely inexcusable and I can understand how Christina Huerta, Isabel Robles and Christine Duran feel after the incident at Chilly D's Sports Lounge, a part of the Cameo Club Casino. Thankfully, the restaurant has now apologized and it seems that the employee who did this is going to be fired. Well, I sure hope he is! And, even more, I hope that this restaurant (actually, ALL restaurants) institute some sensitivity training so that no customer is ever this mistreated again.

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