7-year-old boy shoots his sister after getting a hold of his abuelo's gun

Here's a huge reason why parents shouldn't keep guns around the house. A 7-year-old Philadelphia boy accidentally shot his 8-year-old sister in the arm after getting his hands on his grandfather's gun. The children were visiting their grandfather when the boy found the keys to the safe where her kept the dismantled gun.

The boy somehow put the gun together when he unintentionally shot his sister while in her bedroom. The little girl sustained minor injuries and the grandfather seeked medical help immediately.


I'm not a fan of guns or any weapon for that matter and this just proves why they are dangerous to keep around the home. Children these days are wise beyond their years and they can easily access any of their parents' secret stashes. If a parent decides to keep a gun in the home, they need to take extra precautions to keep the child from accessing it.

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According to reports, the grandfather was in another room when he heard the gunshot, rushed to see his granddaughter shot, and then raced her to thehospital. The girl reportedly had non life-threatening wounds and remains in stable condition after being transferred to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.   

Police say the boy knows he did something wrong and appeared scared about what he did. Authorities also claim that this accident could have been avoided had the grandfather used a more secure safe. They grandfather legally owned the gun and will not be facing charges, but police are still investigating the case.

I wouldn't exactly blame the grandfather for this freak accident entirely since he did have the gun secured away, but his storage place was obviously not safe enough. In my experience, older people are clueless about technology, but I'm sure this grandfather has learned his lesson and will be upgrading his safe soon. It's a relief to hear that the little girl is fine, but this is a lesson for the family and everyone else that weapons are serious business and need to be stored more securely.

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