Couple indulges '50 Shades of Grey' fantasy by keeping teen sex slave for years

A couple from Lebanon, Missouri were arrested and charged with multiple charges of sex trafficking. Police discovered that 47-year-old Marilyn Bagley had helped her husband, 45-year-old Edward Bagley, keep a 16-year-old runaway girl who was also mentally disabled as their sex slave. The Bagleys allegedly convinced the teen to live with them and engage in an S&M sexual lifestyle--much like that of the 50 Shades of Grey novel!

According to reports, police learned of this case after the girl was hospitalized in 2009 when she was 23 years old for drug consumption after what appeared to be a torture session. The Bagleys are set to go on trial in February but have maintained all along that the acts were all consensual.


I've never been a 50 Shades of Grey fan and after learning what this woman went through, I don't think I ever will e. Although it's been popular with women all over the world, the acts that those books have influenced are borderline illegal.

The young woman, whose name is being withheld, became Edward's sex slave in 2002. He reportedly started making money off of her photos on fetish websites and made her work as a stripper. In addition to the charges the Bagleys face, four other men are in trouble too. They allegedly paid Bagley to have sex with the girl and to view webcam sessions of her being tortured.

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According to the Kansas City Star, during these sexual acts, the girl suffered water-boarding, electric shock, and piercing and mutilation. But not everyone believes that the Bagleys committed a crime by engaging in these sexual acts. Supporters of BDSM say that the torture committed by the Bagleys was not bad enough to be considered criminal acts--IF it was consensual. This is where the case gets tricky since it would be considered sexual abuse if the woman was underage or not intelligent enough to agree to the treatment.

This case concerns those into the controversial lifestyle who think that they too can face criminal charges despite the acts being consensual. They want to make sure that anything they may be doing complies with the law. This will also be interesting to follow as the novel, 50 Shades of Grey, has inspired others to try S&M as well.

It was only time before the sadistic acts influenced by that novel got someone in trouble. In this case, it's really sick that this couple thought it would be a good idea to get a child involved in their fetishes. They kept her for so long that it makes you wonder if the young woman was really into it or not. Either way this may just make people think twice about taking it too far with the 50 Shades hype.  

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