Hunters find 2 bodies believed to be Iowa cousins missing since the summer

Do you remember Lyric Cook and her cousin Elizabeth Collins? They are the two Iowa girls who've been missing since July when they vanished while riding their bikes. Well, it looks like their bodies were found by hunters in a wooded area yesterday. Although they're awaiting confirmation from the medical examiner's office in charge of identifying the bodies, the families of the girls seem to think they belong to their daughters. Last night, Elizabeth's mother posted this on her Facebook page:

This was (not) the outcome we wanted but we know that they are up in Heaven with our Savior and our nightmare of where they are and what is happening to them has been answered.


I can't even begin to imagine their pain. 

Five months have passed since these two little girls disappeared and, for some reason, I haven't been able to get them out of my mind. I'm not sure why their case in particular has stayed with me so long. But it might have to do with the fact that I have a cousin just a few months older than me and we grew up doing everything together. We spent entire summers riding our bikes by ourselves without a care in the world. Much like little Lyric and Elizabeth seem to have been doing when they vanished. 

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Or maybe it's because I have a little girl myself and I often worry how much liberty I'll give her when she gets a bit older. I know I can't be a freak and never let her go ride her bike with her friends, but cases like this one make me want to lock the door and not let her leave until she's 21!

In terms of Lyric and Elizabeth, I can only hope that if the bodies found yesterday do belong to them, their families are finally able to get some closure.

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