Mom charged with sexual assault after tests show she has son with her own father!

This story is beyond crazy: A Connecticut father and daughter were arrested after police discovered that they had an incestuous relationship and even had a child together. The young woman, 23-year-old Tiffany Hartford, and her father, 46-year-old George Sayers, were caught after some equally disgusting allegations: Hartford's ex-girlfriend reported to police that the disgusting dad, Sayers, had been selling sex videos and pornographic photos featuring the ex-girlfriend and his own daughter when they were together as teens--all without the unnamed exgirlfriend's consent!

Have you heard anything crazier before in your life?


The father-daughter duo were charged with third-degree sexual assault, obscenity, and conspiracy, but pleaded not guilty. Upon searching Sayer's computer, police found more disturbing photos and learned that the 23-year-old woman was an aspiring porn star photographed and filmed by her very own father.

I REALLY don't know what disturbs me the most about this story. The fact that this woman carried on a relationship with her father, had a baby with him, or the porn star deal? It's all kinds of wrong and this is something that should've been caught long ago!

The creepy evidence police encountered on Sayer's computer included a commercial featuring Hartford dressed in risque outfits and posing provocatively, where he was credited as the producer. The footage was reportedly shot when Hartford was only 16, the legal age of consent in Connecticut, which saved the father from child porn charges. Gross!

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Originally Sayer and Hartford claimed that they didn't know they were biologically related, and the dad thought that she was the daughter of his dead brother. How does having a relationship with your "niece" make the situation any better?!

DNA tests disproved their lie and revealed that they were in fact father and daughter and parents to the child. Things got creepier when police interrogated them and Hartford referred to Sayer as her father AND husband. She also told them that she had dreams of becoming a porn star before becoming a mom.  

I know Hartford can't take all the blame because she CLEARLY grew up in a sick household. Her father is a disgusting man and who knows how he manipulated her into thinking their relationship was normal. And only a crappy and inadequate parent would support their daughter's dream of becoming a porn star while they're underage.

I really think this young woman deserves therapy before jail time because I can't fault her for having been raised in an unhealthy environment. I hope their child is currently in good hands--free from this filth. Sayer on the other hand deserves a long prison sentence and the worst punishment possible.

Image via Tiffany Larissa Hartford/facebook

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