Woman hands unsuspecting man a bag containing bloody newborn & just drives away (VIDEO)

A poor Virginia man was left in utter shock when he was handed a bag with a HUGE surprise inside. Jason Goldfarb was visiting his girlfriend this past weekend at Maryview Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia when he had the eeriest encounter with a woman at the hospital entrance. The woman jumped out of a car and handed him a trash bag before speeding off and vanishing. When Goldfarb looked inside, he was shocked to discover a blood-soaked tiny baby boy!



The baby was thankfully healthy, and nurses took him in, named him David, and reported the incident to Child Protective Services. Goldfarb who was naturally shocked didn't understand why the unidentified woman handed him the child instead of going into the hospital herself.

I got goosebumps reading this story because the LAST thing you would expect standing outside of a hospital is to be handed a bloody newborn! Goldfarb's picture sums up the trauma he must have experienced when he found out that the contents of the garbage bag were a real-life baby. Can you believe that?

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According to Virginia's Safe Haven law, new moms who don't want their newborns are allowed to leave them at an emergency room up to 14 days after they are born. But according to wavy.com, the mom may face charges. This woman, whoever she is, clearly wasted no time giving up her baby!

Poor Goldfarb has even suffered nightmares since the incident and says he will remember it for the rest of his life--and with good reason! Imagine making that discovery after some strange woman hands you a bag out of the blue. It's enough to make anyone traumatized. Thankfully, though, this story doesn't have a tragic end. Although it's unclear as to why the mom didn't take advange of safe haven laws, I'm sure more will develop in this story as police set out to find her.  

I'm just glad baby David is in good hands and being cared for by the nursing staff at the hospital. We wish him the best.

Image via WTKR

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