Horrible teacher asks students to brainstorm plans for selling African slaves

Okay, I'm staring to get really creeped out by all of the bizarre assignments being given out by teachers these days. The serial killer homework was bad enough, but now one teacher at a girl's school in London has reached a whole new level of inappropriateness. In an apparent effort to have her students learn more about the history of the slave trade, the teacher asked them to create a business plan for enslaving Africans without being wasteful.

Um, excuse me?


The students, aged 13 and 14, were reportedly given imaginary tools like whips, muskets and manacles and asked to outline a business plan for the capture of African people. Lesson plans allegedly even included instructions on how to carry out "slave raids" and also included suggestions implying that having an affair with an African girl was one of the benefits of being a slave trader.

Are you kidding me?! How the hell is that appropriate for a classroom? One filled with impressionable teenagers, no less!

After a mother heard of the assignment, she met with a group of teachers to file a complaint only to be dismissed and told that the class had been taught for three years without objection. Once again…WHAT? This had been going on for three entire years without complaint? How is that even possible?

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Thankfully, the mom wasn't about to give up that easily. She contacted Pan African Human Rights Organization Ligali, who filed a complaint with the school. That, with the slew of negative publicity suddenly thrown upon, quickly grabbed the school's attention. The Head teacher of the school issued a formal apology, withdrew the assignment, and assured parents that they were looking into "possible disciplinary action" against the teacher.

Possible disciplinary action? There shouldn't even be a question about it--at the very least, they should be suspending that teacher! This assignment was grossly inappropriate, distasteful and just plain offensive and as an educator and an adult, the professor should've known better, especially considering there are probably a million, not  disgusting and actually educational ways to better approach the subject.

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