Moms, if you own a Nap Nanny portable baby recliner, listen up! The Consumer Product Safety Commission is suing the company that manuractures these baby cushions, Baby Matter LLC, over a disagreement on the recall plan for their popular product, Nap Nanny. There have been reports that its new model, the Chill, can cause injury and death to babies, but the company insists it's not their fault. However, this isn't the first time the Nap Nanny has been in trouble, as two of their other models were recalled in July 2010 after more than 4 infants died after falling from the device.

The big problem here is that Baby Matter went out of business last month, but CPSC wants them to notify the public regarding the dangers of their product and to offer consumers a refund on their purchases. Baby Matter refuses to comply with the agency and says that consumers should follow the safety instructions found on the product.

What a total mess! Baby Matter has a lot of nerve not wanting to obey the CPSC--especially after their product was the reason so many babies have died. How does a company decide to shut its doors and completely ignore the massive recall affecting their products?!

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The popular baby item, which is shaped like a carseat, was created to elevate infants to reduce gas, stuffiness, and reflux and has a harness used to strap them in. According to a note on the Baby Matter website, founder Leslie Gudell says that the complaint is irrelevant and that no babies have sustained injuries requiring medical attention while using their product. Then how does that explain the 22 infants who reportedly fell out of the recliner despite wearing the harness that is required to use?

Nap Nanny protests that the product is meant to be used on the floor with the harness secured, but some cases involved the recliners being placed in cribs. Their newer models have also been responsible for 4 deaths, adding up to more than 70 complaints sent to the CPSC on the deadly product.

I would be furious if I was a parent who fell victim to the recliner and would sue Baby Matter for completely sideswiping such a serious recall. CPSC is doing their job and if the company doesn't want to obey them, then they're just looking for A LOT of problems. We hope they come around and decide to do the right thing because that way they can avoid a lot of angry consumers and lawsuits.

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I agree I really want to return my nap nanny and demand a refund !
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The makers and Gudel should be ashamed of themselves. Disgusting that they don't care that their product killed 5 babies. Shame on her.
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I think the Feds have gone to far. If you read the instructions in the product manual it specifically states NOT to use in the crib, use on the floor...etc..etc.... Everything I have read about the deaths indicates that the nap nanny was being used improperly. Sorry to be harsh, but really people. Come on!
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Obviously you have your facts wrong. The newer model "NAP NANNY CHILL" was not responsible for 4 deaths, it wasn't responsible for ANY!! It is simply the responsibility of the parents who neglected following the clear label that says "DO NOT PUT IN THE CRIB" DO NOT USE WITH OUT THE SAFETY HARNESS!! When your child is able to move around you are not supposed to use the product as somewhere for the baby to sleep. --When are people going to be held liable for their own actions!! If I buy a car and I drive it over 100 mph when I know I shouldn't and I end up killing my passanger is that my fault or is that the car makers fault?!! --hmmm let me think, my fault, what is the difference between that and the nap nanny situation-My baby & I loved the NAP NANNY and I would still recommend this product to moms. Clearly it was a big hit in market and made lots of parents happy now it is all being taken away because the CPSC is condidering the product unsafe?? Really?? Unsafe?? It is not unsafe if it is USED PROPERLY!! FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.
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Kelly and Marisol I'll pray your baby doesn't die in a napnanny. If it was your baby you would be saying differently. Read the facts. All 5 babies didn't all die in a crib. All 5 babies didn't die because of parent misuse. Not 1 baby should have died. There are too many dangerous products and FINALLY the CPSC is taking action to protect our children!
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A four mo old baby did die in the new chill version. My 4 mo old uses this product and even when buckled in he is trying to roll over in it. It is scary and makes me uncomfortable so we are no longer going to use this product. It is not worth the risk!
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I have been using the nap nanny with a baby with severe reflux over the past year with no problems. I have not heard of any incident where a baby died when properly using the product. ALL of these incidents involved parents using blankets and/or putting the nap nanny in a crib or elevated environment or even on the floor near some other obstruction. Anyone using the product who can read would realize that the instructions and all of the very large warnings posted on the product state never to use it in this way. I feel for parents who lose a child, but I don't feel the company is to blame in any of these cases. It is really too bad that this fantastic product will no longer be available to those who need it medically due to the unwillingness of a few to follow instructions and put their children in danger. The nap nanny was a lifesaver for us - literally - as there are indications that reflux is tied to SIDS and we had a baby who would continually stop breathing for the first six months of his life due to his reflux. He even wore a Halo on his diaper (another fantastic product) so that we could intervene when his breathing stopped. The nap nanny was the only thing besides medication that gave my child any relief and, dare I say, might have even saved his life.
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Guys, the only injuries or deaths from this product were due to improper use. The directions clearly state how to use it. It actually really makes me mad that these people, who put so much work into their product, are now jobless and in debt just because stupid parents can't read the f*!#ing directions. A crib can kill a baby too if improperly used (leave the side up, the baby can fall out) but you don't see those being recalled.
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You people are ridiculous. That company did nothing wrong. Your saying that because people used the nap nanny in a way that they were not supposed to and that is the companies fault? Why don't we ban baseball bats afterall someone could hit you in the head with it. Your blaming a very good perfectly safe item on someone elses POOR JUDGEMENT. That is not the nap nanny or the companies fault. That's user error which can happen with any product for crying out loud. But people like you don't even look at the facts. Don't blame peoples mistakes on an inanimate object.
i just found out this product was recalled after 2 years of use. BUT! i believe this company should not have been prosecuted for this and now out of business. im sorry to hear of the lives lost but as a parent your job is to protect your children and be cautious about everything. This product has very understandable safety instructions/warnings! it states clearly it is not to be used in cribs and beds only for floor uses. These parents were irresponsible with this product and did not follow these instructions. they also are unaware of child development and the possibility of "wiggling" while not being supervised. just because the product has NANNY in the name does not mean it babysit your child while you are in another room! i stand by this product as a mother of a colic/reflux baby now toddler who was relieved by this wonderful product. All parents should be more aware of products they expose their baby to and be sure they are using it properly. that's all that should have came of these deaths but the media and society would never do it. people are too nice and gentle but more lives would have been saved if parents were more responsible and SOMEONE spoke up and said something. It hurts but learning new info you never thought of can teach you a life long lesson of being prepared for the worse and ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AND HAPPEN QUICKLY WITH A CHILD. This is my #1 thing on my mind 24/7 with my children and everyone learns from their mistakes.
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