Dangerous Nap Nanny makers refuse to refund parents on recalled killer recliner

Moms, if you own a Nap Nanny portable baby recliner, listen up! The Consumer Product Safety Commission is suing the company that manuractures these baby cushions, Baby Matter LLC, over a disagreement on the recall plan for their popular product, Nap Nanny. There have been reports that its new model, the Chill, can cause injury and death to babies, but the company insists it's not their fault. However, this isn't the first time the Nap Nanny has been in trouble, as two of their other models were recalled in July 2010 after more than 4 infants died after falling from the device.


The big problem here is that Baby Matter went out of business last month, but CPSC wants them to notify the public regarding the dangers of their product and to offer consumers a refund on their purchases. Baby Matter refuses to comply with the agency and says that consumers should follow the safety instructions found on the product.

What a total mess! Baby Matter has a lot of nerve not wanting to obey the CPSC--especially after their product was the reason so many babies have died. How does a company decide to shut its doors and completely ignore the massive recall affecting their products?!

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The popular baby item, which is shaped like a carseat, was created to elevate infants to reduce gas, stuffiness, and reflux and has a harness used to strap them in. According to a note on the Baby Matter website, founder Leslie Gudell says that the complaint is irrelevant and that no babies have sustained injuries requiring medical attention while using their product. Then how does that explain the 22 infants who reportedly fell out of the recliner despite wearing the harness that is required to use?

Nap Nanny protests that the product is meant to be used on the floor with the harness secured, but some cases involved the recliners being placed in cribs. Their newer models have also been responsible for 4 deaths, adding up to more than 70 complaints sent to the CPSC on the deadly product.

I would be furious if I was a parent who fell victim to the recliner and would sue Baby Matter for completely sideswiping such a serious recall. CPSC is doing their job and if the company doesn't want to obey them, then they're just looking for A LOT of problems. We hope they come around and decide to do the right thing because that way they can avoid a lot of angry consumers and lawsuits.

Image via Nap Nanny

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