Mother kidnaps 7-year-old son to deny him life-saving treatment for brain tumor!

Sometimes the only thing you can really say is: What is WRONG with some parents?! That's pretty much my reaction after I read that a mother in the U.K. kidnapped her own son because she didn't want him to receive radiotherapy or chemotherapy after he received surgery on a brain tumor.

After a frantic four day search, the boy has FINALLY been found and is now being given emergency treatment. Thank goodness! This crazy mom's reasons for basically choosing to allow her son to die are even more insane than the kidnapping itself, though.


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Apparently Sally Roberts, 37, didn't want her son, 7-year-old Neon, to receive the post-surgery treatment because she wanted him to be given "natural remedies" instead. Now, I can respect someone's beliefs to want to use something else for themselves but denying your own son treatment is just NOT okay in my book. Thankfully, U.K. police explained what happened after the boy was found:  

Following extensive Press coverage on 5th and 6th December 2012, the high risk missing person, seven-year-old Neon Roberts, has been located by police officers in Sussex. Emergency protection care has been put in place and Neon's welfare will be considered in the High Court. Devon and Cornwall Police would like to thank the public, the media and police colleagues in Sussex for their assistance in securing Neon's safe recovery.

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According to The Daily Mail, doctors were worried that the boy's chances of surviving after his brain tumor surgery would be "dramatically reduced" if he didn't get the radiotherapy and his father was absolutely desperate to find his son and get him "everything available" to fight the disease.

Now it's up to the courts to decide what happens in the custody battle but I am DEFINITELY hoping that the crazy mom will be kept away from deciding her son's treatment. I also hope he recuperates and beats this deadly disease.

Images via Police Handout

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