Mom who took daughter with leukemia from hospital has finally been found!

Most parents want to keep their kids as safe and healthy as possible, so I can't even imagine how hard it is to have a child battling a disease as serious as leukemia. But I also can't understand why a mother would ever force her extremely ill child leave the hospital, like 33-year-old Arizona mom Norma Bracamontes, did to her 11-year-old daughter, Emily.

Emily underwent a month of chemotherapy and had to have her right arm amputated after suffering complications. Yet last week, for some unknown reason, Bracamontes unhooked her daughter from her tubes of medicine, dressed her, and walked her out of the hospital without telling anybody! After police led to a frantic search to find the mother-daughter duo before the young girl dies from infection, her dad finally revealed that she is being cared for in a hospital in Mexico.


Authorities initially had no idea what could've prompted Bracamontes to make her daughter leave the hospital before her treatment was complete, although they speculate that she might have been worried about paying the child's hospital bill. However, doctors said that the mom put her child at a serious health risk by not only removing the tubes that were carrying medicine to the girl's heart, but also by leaving the open tube protruding from her chest as they left. SO bizarre, not to mention incredibly dangerous! Why would you ever put your extremely fragile child in such a terrible position?

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To make matters even stranger, the family reportedly lives a "nomadic" lifestyle and has no permanent home. Though relatives in Arizona, California, and Mexico have been contacted, none were able to provide any information.Even the girl's father, Luis Bracamontes, originally denied knowing where his daughter was when was stopped by U.S. Border Patrol agents as he crossed into Arizona from Mexico over the weekend. But now, he's finally coming clean, revealing to Univision that the daughter is being taken care of by doctors in Mexico. He also claimed that the duo left because Bracamontes, being an undocumented immigrant, was being treated badly at the Arizona hospital. 

Hmm...part of me understands where they're coming from. But most of me wants to scream at the mom for putting her poor daughter in that position. Plus, I can't help but wonder why the dad is being so strange about revealing information about their whereabouts. The entire situation is just baffling and kind of fishy.

I still don't get why Bracamontes felt the need to move her daughter or prevent her from completing treatment, but I'm relieved to learn that, according to dad Luis, the young girl is somehow safe and in treatment.

Image via Phoenix Police Department

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