Idiot man shoots girlfriend over disagreement about the Zombie apocalypse (VIDEO)

One of the most popular shows on TV right now is the zombie phenom The Walking Dead, and there are some people who take that obsession to the next level. Take, for example, 26-year-old Jared Gurman, of Long Island, New York, who was arrested and charged with attempted murder for shooting his girlfriend after they had a heated argument over the AMC television show.

According to police, Gurman insisted that a "military mishap" could occur in real life, but when his girlfriend disagreed, it escalated into a super heated argument. The woman became fed up with Gurman and decided to drop him off at home, but the feud continued via text messages. She eventually grew concerned by the bitter content in his messages and paid a visit to his house where he appeared with a .22- rifle in hand and shot her.


Wow, talk about a crazy psycho! This guy is so NOT a keeper--I mean, how immature can he be, taking a conversation on a fictional TV show that seriously and injuring his girlfriend? How do you hurt someone over something menial?!

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Gurman's girlfriend, whose name is being withheld, thankfully survived, but she suffered a pierced lung, shattered rib, and pierced diaphragm. Reportedly she took a few attempts to calm him down, but when she walked up the stairs, he shot her in the back.

According to police, the couple had been together for about 4 years and Gurman had a passion for weapons. Well, that's not surprising. If more unstable people like him didn't have access to such dangerous artillery, there would be less victims fallen to guns.  

I seriously hope this man doesn't dare try to resume a relationship with his girlfriend. Considering the number of crazy exes there are out there, I wouldn't be surprised if he tried. If they were together for 4 years, I'm sure there were signs of his immaturity and short temper throughout their relationship. As for the girlfriend, I hope she realizes that she can do better than a loser who cares about a TV show more than her well being.

Image via Nassau Police

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